[Door Slams]
[No Audible Dialogue]
[Dutch] I see married life
has already begun.

It's really unfair that you
don't want to split the money.

We agreed to spend
the money together

on something that we'd both like.
Going to Siberia together
is not something we'd both like.

Why do you always
treat me like a child?

Because I hate to see
a friend lose his head

over some Siberian icebox.
Hugo, I'm sick of cheating girls
and stealing their money.

What's your problem?
You don't have to love 'em.
Just screw 'em.

Listen. I understand
if you fall in love now and then.

I've been through that myself.
But the money belongs to both of us.
That's worth something.
You can't let a woman ruin that.

- I want my money.
- Now you should really shut up.

Without me,
there wouldn't be any.

You can't do it without me anymore.
How was business tonight?
You're home early.
Where's your new passport page?

Okay, you asked for it.
What are you doing?
- Duplicates.
- What are you doing? Hey.!

Are you crazy?
Don't touch those!