Six Days, Seven Nights

Oh, my God!
This is so exciting.
Sweetie, I'm so happy for you.

Well, I'm glad, but...
The point is, what kind of message
am I sending to Frank...

if the day after our betrothal, I'm
leaving him to go on some photo shoot?

An excellent message.
This is the perfect opportunity
to establish parameters.

- Oh, God.
- I read somewhere...

that 38.6% of all women...
are pressured into quitting their jobs
in the first year of marriage.

Marjorie, you read that
in our magazine, and we made it up.

Oh, Please, Robin, please.
Please, please, Robin, please?

- Deal.
- Oh, good!

- Do you have a way back to Tahiti?
- Oh, yeah, I can...

- That's good? Yeah?
- Mmm. Mm-hmm.

Don't move a muscle.
Lay down. Stay. Yeah.

- Hi.
- Hello. Hi.

- Uh, I'm looking for...
- Quinny, it's for you.

Okay. Hi there.
- Ohh.
- Hi. I'm really sorry to interrupt you.

I-l sort of have an emergency.
Emergency? What's going on?
Well, my boss called me, and she
wants me to go to Tahiti tonight.

Oh, well, I'm sort of
on my layover here.

Right. Uh, would $500
cut your layover short?

Um, baby, want to go to Papeete?
I can't. I have a show tonight.
Tuesday is tamure night.

- Uh, it's tamure night.
- Oh.

My hands are tied.
That's for later.

You know, I'm stuck.
I-l-l really...

This is really important.
You'd be doing me a tremendous favour.

- How would 700 be?
- Okay.