Small Soldiers

Hey, Joe, do you think you could,
like, front me a set of these ?

- What ?
- You know, just sort of lend it to me.

You got plenty
in the truck.

Yeah. That's Toy World's
inventory for the month.

This order's paid for.
I don't want to get my ticket pulled.

I'll pay you back
after I sell them.

Yeah, and what about
your dad's policy ? No war toys.

Don't worry about my dad. By the time
he gets back, they'll all be sold.

And this place will have made
a little money for once.

[ Grunts ]
I don't know. That's...

What ? Are you saying that
never in your entire career...

has anything just fallen off
the back of the truck ?

- I don't like your tone.
- Sorry.

It's too loud.
One whole set.

I'll, uh, lose
the paperwork someplace.

- This better not come back
and bite me on the ass.
- It won't.

- I swear.
- And you've gotta get 'em off the truck.

I hope you know what you're doin'.
I could get in big trouble for this.

- No one's gonna know.
- They'd better not.

These toys don't go on sale
officially until Monday.

I could lose my job.
Lose my house.

Lose my wife.
[ Chuckles ]

Thanks, Joe.
I owe you one.

You owe me 12.
Good luck, kid.
Freeze !
[ Soft Rock On Loudspeaker ]