Strana glukhikh

Produced by Sergei LIVNEV
You got friends
while you're okay.

Whenever you're in the lurch
they leave you in a void.

Still you've got the money.
I mean I borrowed it.
I tried to reach you
on the phone.

Your line was either
engaged or dead.

So I went out.
Very stupid of me.

I'd have left it at home.
I was mugged at
the entrance hall.

Two hoods punched
me and took all.

Money, passport...
Take it easy.
Don't I deserve human
treatment you think?

No human treatment for you.
Let me explain. I've found
a buyer for my apartment.

Let's go see him.
I promised to come alone.
He'll smell a rat and cop out.
I've waited two months,
I can wait two hours.

The girl stays with us.
That is if you don't mind.
She's not involved.
Maybe not. But you'll be
back soon, won't you.