Suicide Kings

Nice fuckin' boots.
Huh ?

You know what those are ?
What ?

- The fish ?
- Yeah, of course the fish.

So, you got
fish boots.

I'm wearing stingray boots.
These are one-of-a-kind.

Fish boots ?
How much did they cost ?

[ Clears throat ]
- Fifteen hundred.
- Dollars ?

Fifteen hundred dollars ?
You paid $1,500
For those fuckin' shoes ?

No wonder
your wife is pissed.
You sound like my wife.

Anybody would be pissed
on that end. Come on.

You know what ?
Just shut up
about the fuckin' boots.

I will. I'll forget
about it.
I'm sorry i fuckin'
brought it up.

So, when's
the next package ?

[ Avery ]
Tomorrow at noon.

The phone,
does it work ?

What the fuck
is goin' on in here ?

Oh, shit, Ira.
You scared the shit
out of us !

Oh, well, then,
you can imagine
how i feel.

I came here to play poker.
That's what you told me
you were gonna be doin'.

That's why you wanted
to use the house, right ?

That's why i let you
use the house. Guys,

Thatis not poker.
Why is this man here ?
Why is he taped
to my father's favorite chair ?

Who the hell is he ?
Aw, shit, and who tracked
mud into the house ?

You guys got your shoes on.
You know the rules.
Everyone's shoes off right now.

My parents just had
these floors refinished.

I mean, come on.
You guys are killin' me here.

You said poker.
You know,

Beer, pornos,
pot: poker.

Anyone ?
Hello ?

I don't know
what's going on here.

You know, i don't want to know.
What idoknow is that,
whatever it is,

It has gone
way, way too far.

Everybody out
right now. Let's go.
Ira ! Ira !