The Horse Whisperer

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This here man was rejuvenated
in the grace of the Lord.

He was washed.
Mmm, Grace, look at this.
Do you wanna see that?
- I don't care.
- "I don't care."

Oh, it'll be fun. You haven't seen
any of the sights yet. It's history.

When I was 13, I used to love
doing things like this.

Oh, you were never 13, Mom.
Greatidea, Mom. Now what?
- How long is this gonna go on?
- What?

You know whatl mean.
Do you want us to go back home?
Is that what you want?

What are you asking me for?
You didn't ask me if I wanted to come
in the firstplace.

Now I get to decide? Sorry.
Do you know who I'm doing this for?
I'm doing this for you.

Bullshit! It's all about you, about
you deciding, about you being right!

-lt's like we work for you or somethin'!
-I don'tbelieve this!

- How come Daddy didn't come, huh?
- What do you mean?

You know everything.
You figure it out.

- Your father had to work.
- Yeah, right!

- Would you please stop acting like
you know what you're talking about?
- You are amazing, you know?

I mean, you actlike I don't even live
in thathouse anymore.

What, you think
I don'tknow what's going on?
You think I'm still five years old!

- When you actlike this, you are.
- How long are we gonna be away, huh?

- I don'tknow. I don'tknow.
- Yeah, well, whatif this guy
can't do anything, huh?

I don'tknow!
I don'thave all the answers.
No, you just actlike you do.