Under solen

I'm not much good at that.
I'll just reheat this.
We'll have coffee and a sandwich
when we come down.

I'm getting peckish
Miss Lind?

I thought you disappeared.
I was almost talking to myself.
This way,
to the left and up the stairs.

Ozzi, go and lie down!
Tread carefully, it's...
Lie down!
In here...
Excuse me...
Sweet kittens.
Sweeter than the spiders.
It's Sessan who sneaks them
up here after they're born.

I haven't the heart to move them.
Do you like cats?
We've seen everything now,
unless you want to see the barn?
No, this is fine.
The lavatory is round the back.
And the bathroom?
I haven't got one...
but I've got a tub.

I have money.
Mother left an inheritance,
I still have some left.

And I have money in the bank.
I can't say exactly how much...
You don't...
I want you to know
that I have means.

Then I've lent some money out.
I know I'll get it back.
I know I can trust him.