Waking Ned

Saturday evening,...
..and the universe is much the same as at
any other point in the history of the world.

The planets and stars orbit and spin,
and do everything that is expected of them.

On earth, as the sun sets,...
..millions prepare for a weekly event
which is far less predictable.

In 63 countries around the world,...
..dozens of lottery machines
spin hundreds of lottery balls.

It takes seconds
for the winning numbers to be selected,...

..seconds for the losers
to realise they have lost.

But, for the winners, it is an event which
will undoubtedly change their lives for ever.

Lucky sods!
(TV) Welcome to the NationaI Lottery's
weekend draw for Saturday 21st August.

We're coming to you live tonight
from the very heart of Dublin.

As we speak - calculating the total amount
of the jackpot to be claimed tonight.

We shall be updating you
on the total jackpot and all the news...

..in our round-up programme
which follows directly after the news.

For now, let's concentrate on the game
in hand, and get this week's draw under way.

- Match six numbers...
- Annie, where's my ticket?