Waking Ned

* I wish I was a fisherman
* Tumbling on the seas
* Faraway from dry land
* And its bitter memories
* Casting out my sweet life
* With abandonment and love
* No ceiling bearing down on me
* Save the starry sky above
* With light in my head
* With you in my arms
* Oh!
Michael... Michael O'Sullivan,
are you a millionaire?

Now, Jackie, would I spend me time sitting
on this old beach if I was a millionaire?

I believe you would.
Hold on there now... I've some mighty news.
- Are you going in for a dip?
- More important things to do.

Look and see what I've found in the
small print of The lrish Times last night.

Look at it - the front page,
down at the bottom.

Winking at you! Lotto results.
Winner from County More West.

A local winner. Now that's a thing!
It's more than local. County More West is big,
but there's only one village in it.

Is it a fact, Jackie?