Waking Ned

No sooner was my meat pie in her belly
than she tells me that her daughter's belly's...

..filled up with a new baby. That's why
she was singing. Sure, she's over the moon!

Lord, would you look at that!
We're already fifty pounds
and one meat pie lighter!

You're not getting your toaster, Lizzy!
I'm an old, disabled person
with no money, Fitzgerald.

And you're taking advantage.
Your toaster is mended,
but you've got to pay for it!

You're ripping me off, Fitzgerald!
I'm fed up with you
taking without paying, woman!

Get out of my way!
- (hooter)
- You little gobshite!

Morning, boys. How's the heads?
- Oh, we were heavy drunk last night!
- The whole bar was,...

..thanks to you. There's a rumour
you've come into some money.

What? Huh?
Oh, janey mack!
I wish I had. No, I was just treating
me friends with the little I've got.

I came over to make sure
I'd settled up for those last few rounds.

Go on! On you go.
Good luck.
Morning, Annie.
That Mrs Kennedy...
..is a fine one for the champagne.
I thought it would be you boys that
would have the heads this morning, not me.

We do have heads and they are sore.
But at the same time
filled with the very best of Irish brains.

- Will those dead chickens find the winner?
- They will.

Jackie talked Mrs Kennedy into giving us
a list of the regular lotto players.

There's eighteen, and each of those
will be invited to a chicken supper.

We'll sit them down,
feed them up, and then find the winner.