Waking Ned

Thanks very much for all your help.
Oh, no problem at all. No problem.
(door lock clicking)
(door rattles)
Ned, I'm sorry to get you out of your bath,...
..but there's a man to see you.
Can I come in, Mr Devine?
It's rather personal. I'm Jim Kelly.

- You called my office in Dublin this morning.
- Oh, I see.

Why don't you invite us in, Ned,
so the man can tell you his business?

Yes, right.
I-I-In you come.
I think it's best if we're left alone now.
- Thanks again.
- Right you are.

- Watch your head.
- All right.

All the best, then. All the best!
Would it be better if I was dressed, Mr Kelly?
It would indeed, Ned. You take your time.
Do you have any family living nearby, Ned?
Oh, no,...
..I'm all on my own now.
Do you have much family yourself, Mr Kelly?
Oh, I do.
Too much at times, if you know what I mean.

We've got three kids now, so there's always
aunties, uncles and cousins coming over...

..wanting to visit.