Waking Ned

Oh! Hello!
What sort of a game is this?
- Shush, will you? Shush, shush!
- Don't you shush me!

Michael's in there
with the man from the lotto.

Can I have your full name
and date of birth, please, Ned?

Ned Patrick Devine,...
..seventeenth of July, 1931.
Six pounds, two ounces.
OK. Now I'll need to find...
..your social insurance number.
I know it off by heart, Jim.
..eight, six,...
..four, three,...
..six, seven,...
..four, B.
(laughs) That's wonderful, Ned!
You let Michael go in there on his own?
Jackie, he's never told a lie in his life.

Well, he's making up for it now, so.
Right, Ned. It shouldn't be long
before I can issue the cheque.

Don't take too long now, Jim.
I'll be losing interest on that money!

Right, I'd best get back to Dublin.
There's a lot of paperwork to be sorted out.

- Mind your head.
- I will, thanks.

You did write your name
on the back of the ticket?

- Oh, I did indeed.
- Very sensible of you.

- Means no-one else can claim it.
- Right!

Only thing is, it means it'll take a bit longer.
I have to come back to make some enquiries.

To make sure that you are Ned Devine.
Oh, well, congratulations, Ned.
Take care now.