What Dreams May Come

They don't go to hell because
they're immoral or selfish.

There's a natural order
to our journey.

Annie has violated that.
She won't face it.
She won't realise,
accept what she's done.

She will spend eternity
playing that out.

- You still say she's in hell.
- Everybody's hell is different.

Real hell
is your life gone wrong.

I'm her soul mate.
I can find her.

- You don't understand how...
- It's not about understanding!

It's about not giving up.
You said there are no rules.
And the tree?

You were pretty surprised then.
Hey, if there are no rules,

how can you say
ALL suicides are the same?

- I can't, I can't.
- OK.

-Or she doesn't know she's dead?
-I can't.

No one has ever seen
a suicide brought back!

Stick around, Chief.
You ain't seen nothing yet.

OK. You deserve your chance.
We'll find a tracker.