Wild Things

Just get the hell
away trom me.

Jesus, man! Let loose!
I'm just thinking about
where I'm gonna stay.

I lost my house.
Wakin' up trom
a goddamn nightmare.

You'll get over it.
We have got a knock-down,
airtight, mothertucker lawsuit...

against Sandra Van Ryan.
Just like that?
These people
ruined your lite, bro.

I told you
they'd go too tar.

They went overboard!
They did!

They'll settle.
Believe me.

They'll be begging to settle.
Oh, yeah! Here we go!
Wait up! Come on, girl.

In a startling turn of events,
Sam Lombardo has been dismissed...

following a reversal of testimony
by one of his alleged victims.

Excuse me. Over here.
Excuse me.
Can anybody read?

Hey! Sandra!
I want you to nail that shyster's balls
to the nearest wall.

That might've been
a possibility...

it Miss Not-So Bright
hadn't started throwing things.

Fuck ott.
I cannot believe you're gonna
let them get away with this shit...

all on the word ot
one little white-trash bitch.

I don't think
you get it, Sandy.

Your princess here
committed perjury.

It'll be all I can do to keep
her tuckin' little ass out ot jail.

What are we going to do?
- Here's your cotfee, Sam.
- Thank you.