Wrongfully Accused

You made a call,
you got a gat...

...and you sicced Johnny Law on me.
You're just a big bully,
aren't you?

That gun was for your protection.
I called the airlines to get you
a plane to South America, you mean man.

I wish I had a Quarter Pounder with
Cheese every time I heard that chestnut.

This little nutcracker is not dancing
to your suite anymore, princess.

I found Lauren's letters to Sean
in your apartment.

Explain that!
Lauren knew Sean for a long time.
You knew that.

You knew she knew him.
Yes, I knew she knew.
I knew Lauren knew Sean.
All right, the truth at last!
Oh, Ryan.
They're the only family I have.

Please don't make me choose
between you and my family.

Lauren's your sister. And?

Sean is my brother.
Forgive me.
Dr. Ross, Dr. Green, Dr. Carter,
Dr. Weaver and Dr. Benton...

...please pick up
a very large check in the ER.

A man fitting Harrison's description
and wearing a meat company shirt...

...has entered the ER.
There are 1,400 beds...
...a staff of 250,
150 individual rooms.

Chances of our finding
Cass and Harrison right off...

...are 9,103 to 5.
It is 3:05 p.m.
We should make contact in 14 minutes...
...which makes it exactly...
...3:19 p.m.
Let's do it.

[ Murmuring ]
Records room. Records room.
Access denied.
Air conditioning duct.
Let's see here.