Zero Effect

What do you mean?
I could smell iodine.
That's a very specific scent
that's unique largely...

:37:08 ambulances and hospitals.
I could see that your hair had been wet,
but dried naturally.

But I smelled iodine,
so you hadn't gone home...

:37:19 bathe or scrub down
since your last shift.

Then I assumed you worked
the night before, when it rained.

Then I figured paramedic,
not doctor or nurse.

That's how...
...I just kind of guessed.
You're right about...
...each part.
Do you enjoy that work?
It can be a thrill.
You rush in the middle of something,
some chaotic mess, and get involved...

...maybe help somebody...
...maybe revive their body.
Some of it's just boring, though.
The hours are terrible.
12 and 18-hour shifts...
I'm rambling now, so...

That's interesting to me.
What about you?
Do you live around here?

"Do you live around here?"
Stupid question.
What difference does that make?
No, that's okay.
I'm only here for
a couple of days on business.

So you're with that conference?
So you're an accountant?
That's pretty exciting, I know.
I don't know how you do that.
All the forms, all the time...

The forms grow on you.
Where do you live?
I know. Nick Carmine.