Zero Effect

- You did?
- Yeah.

Her name is Gloria Sullivan.
How do you know it's her?
I watched her...
...walk into the bathroom...
...and get the money.
I have to admit I was a bit surprised.
I had a few guesses about suspects,
but I'd never...

I mean, I just didn't even
think twice about that girl.

So what's her deal?
Her deal?
Her deal is that there is absolutely
nothing out of the ordinary about her.

She's a model citizen,
college graduate, good paramedic.

She volunteers at a hospital for the
elderly. She has no criminal record.

I mean, she's very even-tempered.
She's friendly...
...eager to chat.
There's no nervousness about her,
which is odd for a blackmailer.

Even at the pickup yesterday,
she's just...

She's very cool.
She's very cool.
But there's a definite
intensity about her.

She looks you right in the eye.
Sort of a sensual quality.
Very personable.
A nice sense of humor...
...and actually very charming.
Did you just say charming?
Keep looking for that
safe deposit box...

...and then get Stark out of the office.
Make plans for him
to pay you at 5:00 tonight.

Then maybe you could go home
for a couple of nights.

Couple of nights?
Aren't we done? You found
the blackmailer. He only wanted a name.

We're not done yet.
First I have to find out
what her deal is.