American Beauty

I love root beer,
don't you?

- Hey.
- Hi, Mom.

- Hi.
- Remember Angela?

Yes, of course.
I forgot to tell you. She's going
to spend the night. Is that okay?

[Coughing. Choking]
- [Jane] Sorry about my dad.
- [Angela]
Don't be. I think it's funny.

Yeah, to you he's just another guy
who wants to jump your bones.

But to me, he's just...
too embarrassing to live.

Well, your mom's the one
who's embarrassing. What a phoney.

- But your dad's actually kind of cute.
- Shut up.

[Angela] He is. If he just
worked out a little, he'd be hot.

- Shut up!
- Come on.

Like you've never sneaked a peek
at him in his underwear?
I bet he's got a big dick.

[Jane Laughing]
You are so grossing me out right now.

[Angela] If he built up his chest
and arms. l would totally fuck him.

- . La, la, la, la, la, la.
- I would. I would suck
your dad's big fat dick,

and then I'd fuck him until
his eyes rolled back in his head.