American Beauty

So, turn out the light
when you come back to bed, okay?

[Lester Narrating] It's a great thing
when you realize you still have...

the ability
to surprise yourself.

Makes you wonder what else you can do
That you've forgotten about.

Hey, guys.
Lester. I didn't know you ran.
- I just started.
- Good for you.

I figured you guys might be
able to give me some pointers.
I need to shape up, fast.

Are you looking to just lose weight,
or do you want to have...

increased strength
and flexibility as well?

I-- I want
to look good naked.

[ Squeaking ]
Oh. what is this?
Fuckin' gay pride parade?

Hey! Yo, Ricky.
[ Panting ]
My entire life is passing
before my eyes, and those two
have barely broken a sweat.

Sorry. Hi. Lester Burnham.
I live next door. We haven't met.

Colonel Frank Fitts,
U.S. Marine Corps.

Oh, whoa. Well.
Welcome to the neighborhood, sir.
Ricky, uh--
I was thinking about the, uh--
I was gonna-- The movie we talked about.

- Re-Animator.
- Yeah!

You want to borrow it?
Okay. It's up in my room. Come on.

- Can you hold this for a sec?
- Sure.

I don't think my dad would try
to come in while someone else
is here, but you never know.

- What is this?
- Urine.