American Beauty

- Carolyn.
- Buddy.

-I am so sorry to have kept you waiting.
-Oh. [ Chuckles ]

Christy left for New York
this morning.

Let's just say things were
a little... hectic around the house.

- What's she doing in New York?
- She's moving there.

Yes, we are splitting up.
Buddy. I'm so sorry.
Yes. According to her, I'm...
too focused on my career.
- [ Scoffs ]
- As if being driven to succeed is...

some sort of a character flaw.
[ Chuckling ]

Well, she certainly did
take advantage of the lifestyle
my success afforded her.

Ooh! Ha. Wow.
[ Chuckles ]

- Ah, it's for the best.
- Mm-hmm.

When I saw you two at the party the
other night, you seemed perfectly happy.

Well, call me crazy,
but it is my philosophy
that in order to be successful,

one must project
an image of success...

at all times.
What are you doing?
- l was filming this dead bird.
- Why?

Because it's beautiful.
I think maybe you forgot
your medication today, mental boy.

Hi, Jane.

I want you to stop filming me.
Well, whatever. This is boring.
Let's go.
- Do you need a ride?
- Are you crazy?

I don't want to end up hacked to pieces
in a Dumpster somewhere.

It's okay. I'll walk.
But thanks.

He doesn't want to go anyway.
Let's go.