American Beauty

I don't think
you'd fit in here.

I have fast food experience.
[ Laughs ]
Yeah, like 20 years ago.

I'm sure there've been amazing
technological advances in the industry,

but surely you must have
some sort of training program.

It seems unfair to presume
I won't be able to learn.

- That was exactly what I needed--
- Mm.

the "royal treatment,"
so to speak.

[ Chuckling ]
I was so stressed out. Ah!
- Ah! Ah.
- Mm.

[ Both Laughing ]
Know what I do
when I feel like that?

- I fire a gun.
- Really?

Oh, yeah. I go to this
little firing range downtown,

and I... just pop off
a few rounds.

- I've never fired a gun before.
- Well, you've gotta try it.

Nothing makes you feel
more powerful.

almost nothing.
- So, do you like your new house?
- I like it.

The people who used to live
there fed these stray cats,
so they were always around,

and it drove
my mother nuts.

And then she cut down
their tree.

Is that a funeral?
Yeah. Have you ever
known anybody who died?

No. Have you?
But I did see this homeless woman
who froze to death once...

just laying there
on the sidewalk.

She looked really sad.
I got that homeless woman
on videotape.