American Movie

As part of the radio show, he mentioned
other projects he was doing.

Not the eleventh hour.
This is the twelfth hour.

Lisa and Uncle Ed, radio show.
"Dear girl, do you know what you possess
in your hand and its capabilities?

Do you have
any reasonable semblance--"

What we're doing right here--
It's past 3:00. It's--

Oh, my God, it's twenty after 3:00.
We've got to get these pages printed
and get them straight to the copier.

We've got madmen putting
scarecrows up front. God knows why.

They have no purpose to this show,
but I like to keep the troops motivated.

Idle hands are know to be the devil's
workshop, so we wanna keep things along.

Sitting here,
you're asking me questions.

I'm trying to get this finished.
I've got people walking around.

I wish I could give 'em destinies,
but I have to adhere to this keyboard.

He asked me to come over
and help him.

He said he needed help. I'm always
helping him with his films.

We used to do a lot of partying
together, but I don't party anymore.

"Dear girl, do you know
what you possess in your hand?

Do you have any idea
of its capabilities?

Do you have any inkling, any semblance
of understanding whatsoever?"

I just made that up. I wanna write
that down. "Do you have any--"

- Stevens.
- He's ready. Step out a minute.

- Kicked out of my own kingdom?
- Sorry, I owe you.

- She's such a delightful little girl.
- Ken, listen up.

Why, thank you, Lisa.
That really makes my day.

- I didn't know you were--
- That I was lurking around? Surprise.

Well, we recorded The Creeps...