American Movie

and I felt it many years before that,
many years before that.

Why'd you stop?
I think, obviously,
there's gotta be some fear...

like if you actually go ahead
and do it and complete it...

there's more consequences to it.
You let a day go by and fantasize,
and that day slips into years.

Suddenly you're in this living room
watching something from six years ago.

That shot does look good.
Right there.

Down the aisle.
Be right back.

And don't stop till I say cut.
Roll it.

- Now you are off.
- Cut. What? Now what?

You can hardly see your mouth anymore.
I cannot be dead-center
in the frame.

In front of my sight of vision...
that should occupy more of the frame
than the back of my head.

Okay, Ma, just tell me
how it looks.

You were down when you do this.
- I'm trying to get outta frame there.
- Yeah.

Keep the camera rolling.
Did you just turn off the camera?

- Am I framed up?
- Yeah.

Oh, now I see
there's a frame there.

Oh, no!
What are you talking about, Ma?

Okay, just never mind, man.
Okay, just-- The camera's rolling,
sound is rolling.

- Is that--
- I see a frame inside here.

Yeah, it's the TV frame.
That's the frame we're trying to--

You should be higher up,
much higher up.

Your face is--
Yeah, more above you.

Where am I at now, Ma,
with all of this film burning?

- Yeah, that's okay.
- Okay, ready?

Absolute quiet, please.