An Ideal Husband

You have lived so long abroad...
.. that you seem to be unable to realise
you are talking to an English gentleman!

I realise I am talking to a man
whose past is less perfect...

.. than his reputation would suggest.
What are you saying?
I am saying that I know the real origin
of your wealth and your career...

.. and I have got your letter, too.
You are very late!
- Did you miss me?
- Awfully.

I'm sorry I did not stay away later.
I like being missed.

- How very selfish.
- I am selfish.

You always tell me
about your bad qualities.

- I haven't told you half of them.
- Really? Are the others very bad?

Quite dreadful. When I think of them
at night, I can go to sleep at once.

Well, I must tell you
that I like your bad qualities...

.. and I would not have you
part with a single one.

It shows admirable good taste.
May I have the pleasure
of escorting you to the music room?

- Why, Tommy, I'd be delighted.
- As would I.

Are you coming to the music room?
Not if there's any music
going on, Miss Mabel.

Well,... the music is in German,
so you would not understand it.

Quite so, quite so.
- Arthur!
- Gertrude, good evening.

I didn't think you liked political parties.
I adore them. They're the only place left
where people don't talk politics.

The affair to which you allude
was no more than a speculation.

It was a swindle, Sir Robert.
Let us call things by their proper names.
It makes matters simpler.

Now I'm going to sell you
that letter back...

.. and the price I ask is your public support
of the Argentine scheme.

I cannot do what you ask me.
You are standing
on the edge of a precipice.

- Supposing you refuse...
- What then?

Suppose I were to pay a visit
to a newspaper office...

.. and give them this scandal
and the proof of it.

Think of their joy and the delight
they would have in tearing you down.