An Ideal Husband

More than anything in the world.
There is a wide gulf...
.. between us now
and I fear I shall never bridge it.

I fear she will never forgive me.
Surely there must be some sin
in her past life, any sin,...

.. weakness, perhaps, that might
help her to understand yours.

I don't believe Gertrude knows
what weakness is.

But she loves you, Robert.
She cannot but forgive you.

I feel certain, if she could hear you now,...
.. the regret you feel about your past.
Yes, regret.
I feel certain that she would pity you.
Perhaps, even at this moment,
she is pitying you,...

.. praying that she might
once again be in your arms.

God grant it, but I doubt it.
There is something else
I need to tell you about, Arthur.

The debate on the Argentine canal
is to begin at 10.30.

I have made up my mind
what I'm going to say.

I... have decided...
What was that?
- I heard a noise from next door.
- No, no, you didn't.

Is there someone there?
- Arthur.
- Robert, you are unnerved.

There is no-one. Sit down, for God's sake!
Do you give me your word of honour?
Oh, yes.
Let me look for myself!
- Robert...
- If there is no-one there...

Robert,... there is someone in that room.
I do apologise,...
.. but I must state
she is guiltless in this matter.

She is... scheming, devious and deceitful.
- I beg your pardon?
- And you!