An Ideal Husband

My liberty?
Mmm, a rather charming little idea
has sprung into my head...

.. and, now I consider it, I discover it
to be a rather charming big idea.

Go on.
If, as you suggest,
he stands by his principles...

.. and condemns the scheme,...
.. then shall I give you his letter
to dispose of as you choose.

But if, as I project,...
.. he surrenders to my demands
and publicly supports the scheme, then...

- Then I give you my hand in marriage.
- Precisely.

- To dispose of as you please.
- You must concede...

.. there is a certain thrill to it.
Concede, too, how elegantly I have eased
from proposal to proposition.

And with barely any loss of face.
I'm most impressed.

We are creatures of compromise,
you and I.

I await your response.
Are you less certain of your friend's
nature when your own future rests on it?

Not at all. I accept your wager
in all confidence.

- You do?
- I do.

Oh, Arthur, isn't it remarkable...
.. how those two little words
can quicken the heart?

Would you do something for me,

Accompany me
to the House of Commons.

I believe there is
an interesting debate there tonight.

I believe the Prime Minister himself
has taken an interest.

And I believe...
.. that its outcome will prove
particularly interesting to you...

.. and to me.
Whatever it may be.