Any Given Sunday

I remember when my dad
designed that ring.

Guess I'll have to wear mine
on a chain around my neck.

You got to win one first.
I was only trying to make--
No, just win one.
Good night!
See you later!
I saw you looking at
Heather Sanderson's ass!

Why didn't you introduce her
to the mayor?

You damn sure didn't introduce me.
After all these years!
I'm not worried about them!
I'm not thinking about the mayor
or them crackhead assholes!

I'm thinking about the game!
What're you saying?
I don't look so good to you anymore?

You know, for a college graduate,
you're plumb dumb.

"Heather said this, Cindy said this!
Willie this and Willie that!"

You come at me
when I'm dealing with this shit?

Get the fuck out.
Get your hands off me.
What's wrong with you?

You gonna hit me now?
You're turning into a shit like
everybody on that team.

-I'm calling your mama!
-You're calling my mama?!

Girl, look. Don't let my success
go to your head, bitch!

Why not find a college motherfucker
you can hang out with?

What you worried about me for?
With that educated ass.

You're right. I am educated!
And your dumb country ass
can't even read a fucking playbook.

You can take your football, since
it's the only ball you got anyway...

...and stick it up your ass...
...because my beautiful ass
you won't be seeing anymore.

I'll be at Darlene's house.
She might fuck better than you, bitch!

-Get your dyke ass out!
-I'm not a dyke!

You got a nasty mouth on you too!
I don't want you around my kids...
...with that goddamn cussing and shit!
Fuck you, big-ass bitch!