Anywhere But Here

this is our new speech pathologist,
Adele August.

Adele is from Bay City, Wisconsin.
America's dairyland.
Ah, Wisconsin.
George Franklin, history.
George. History.
[Bell Rings]
Room 1 2 is to the right, right?
Let me showyou.
Follow me.
Thank you so much.
[Kids Shouting]
Not exactly Bay City,
butyou get used to it.
Mmm. Is that--
Did they throw out that furniture?

Is that garbage?
Honey, don't scratch the car.
Ann: On our days off
we would drive to relax.

We drovejust anywhere.
My motherwas in awe ofthe homes
and the palm trees
and real movie stars
on public sidewalks.

She was in love.
In love with Beverly Hills.
Oh, I like that one.
Over there, with the circular driveway.
I want the room in the corner.
I can climb out that window.

I'll take the one in the back,
overlooking the pool.
Mmm. That one's a beauty,
with the cute blue shutters.
Oh, look at this house.
This is the house I want.
That is beautiful. Come on.
Mom, it's by appointment only.
It's all right.
It says,
"Do not disturb occupants."

Just smile.
We'll be fine. It's ok.

Realtor: I appreciate it.
Please think about it.

You're the realtor.
Hi. How can I helpyou?
Look at this sweet--
Oh, he gave me a kiss.

This is Callie.
Hi, Callie.
And you must be the owner.

My baby. Yes, I am.
Well, I'm Adele August. Hello.
And this is my baby, Heather.
Realtor: Excuse me.
Can I helpyou?

I know we should
have an appointment,

but my husband will be
practicing medicine at UCLA.