Arlington Road

Except on that Monday
they didn't come home.

In a truck parked in front...
was hidden 50 pounds
of C-4 plastic explosive.

When it was detonated, it disintegrated
the street side of the building...

obliterating dozens
of government offices...

the building's day care center...
and the St. Louis branch
of the lnternal Revenue Service...

which was ultimately determined
to be the target of the attack.

The truck was leased by
this 33-year-old electrician...

Dean Scobee.
Scobee had served some prison time
for tax evasion...

and surveillance videos showed
that he was inside the vehicle...

Ieaving him among the 63 dead.
Does anyone not remember this?
You all remember the results
of the investigation?

- They said Scobee acted alone.
- One man, no conspirators.

He cheated the IRS. They caught
him at it, so he blew 'em up.

This is a guy who people
described as average.

He'd been in the army,
but as a radio man.

He had very little experience
with munitions.

His parents considered him
a moderate conservative.

Two weeks prior to this, he received
a pay raise at his electrician's job.

Does that sound like a man who's
on the edge or a man who needed a push?

Come on. I don't know.
I'm just asking.

Come on, Professor.
The Feds did this huge investigation.

That's right,
an investigation, I forgot.

the investigation
didn't satisty me.

Miss O'Neill,
when you first heard the news--

terrorist attack in your own country--
how did that make you feel?

- Come on.
- Well--