Arlington Road

What did you feel?
Scared and stressed.
- Did you feel safe?
- No.

And then the next day,
when they found Scobee dead...

did you feel some relief?
Did safety return?
The people in that building,
they felt safe...

secure, just like you feel now.
And then an instant later--
In an instant...
they were gone forever.
We needed to have
this man to blame.

We don't want others.
We want one name...
and we want it fast...
because it gives us
our security back.

We can say,
"Here was the one man...

unlike the rest of us.
We named him,
and he's no more.

And his reasons,
they're gone too."

But the truth is,
we don't know his reasons.

We don't know why Scobee did it,
why it came to this.

We can pretend we do--
the ten grand in taxes--

but we don't know...
and we'll never know.
And still, we feel safe...