Arlington Road

Got my family...
and the buildings I leave behind.
That's it.
Get your shoulder up
a little bit, okay?

Step into it. Watch that ball
until it hits the bat.

That's it!
You want some Crackerjack?
You sure? Popcorn and caramel.
It builds your muscles.

All right.
Hey, atta way, Faraday.
- He's gettin' some contidence.
- He's a strong kid.

- He's been dealt some hard breaks.
- Atta way to swing.

- You give him strength.
- I'm tryin'.

You do.
Gettin' on with your life.
That's important for him to see.

He just wishes someone had to pay.
For his mother.
He wishes someone had to pay.

He's talked to you about her?
Our people send her in with
the wrong information then say...

"Hey, not my fault."
I can't live with that...
for you,
let alone a nine-year-old boy.

Grant talked to you
about his mother?

Well, yeah.
I hope that's all right.
We talk about a lot of things.

He's a smart kid.
Way to go, Grant.
We're never more wise
than when we're children.

They say it, and it's true.
We'll never see things
that clear again.