Arlington Road

- Good afternoon, U Penn.
- Transcript office, please.

-I'm calling from Washington University.

We have a student who's applying for
graduate work in our history department.

I need to verify his
undergrad record with you guys.

He's been out of school
for some time.

The name's Oliver Lang.
Are you telling me that you
took this out of his mailbox?

- That is illegal.
- Tell me if you think this is strange.

The University of Pennsylvania
keeps sending him alumni stuft...

for a 20-year reunion.
He says he went to Kansas State. They
have him mixed up with someone else.

So I call Penn.
I get that guy's transcripts.

- What? Why? Michael! Oh, my God!
- Listen to me.

That guy has a completely
difterent physical description.

- He never took a class in engineering.
- Right...

because they've got him mixed up
with somebody else.

This U Penn Oliver
is the same age as Oliver.

- Wait. As our Oliver?
- As our Oliver, yes.

He graduated the same year, and...
he comes from Carson, Kansas,
Oliver's hometown.

Wait, I'm totally lost. You just said
that they're two different people.

Yeah. Two people the same age
from the same small town!

I looked it up.
It's a small town!

Yeah, so what?
Brooke, don't you think they would've
heard of each other, these guys?

You know, growing up?
Gotten mixed up before?

Oliver didn't say anything like that.
He just threw the letter away.

- Well, wait a minute.
- So--

There could be ten other Michael
Faradays in Northern Virginia.

- You would never know that.
- So I called Kansas State.

Here's what I'm saying.
Kansas State University...

had no Oliver Lang on record,
from that year or any year.

So either he didn't really
go to that school...

or that's not his real name.
Can I ask you something? Did you
do this to me when we started dating?

- What?
- Call up my ex-boyfriends...

and get my transcripts sent over?