Arlington Road

See, the FBI, they thought...
that their people were uncovering
some sort of terrorist plot.

You see? But what their file,
their flags...

did not reveal to them...
was that Seaver Parsons had
come into a family inheritance...

with which he had arranged
the hundred legal firearms...

to be legally purchased.
Nor did it tell them that Parsons
had recently applied...

for a sales license.
Nor did it tell them that Parsons
warned his family...

that some people might want
to steal his collection.

He instructed his sons
and his wife...

and his daughter-in-law...
never to let strangers on
this property while he was away...

and if force be taken,
then to defend with force.

Defend the home!
You know, he had no love
for the Federal Government.

He did have a separatist
and suspicious past.

But this was not a terrorist.
He was not a criminal.

Three innocent people
died that day...

because the flags went up.
The flags were wrong.