Arlington Road

State of Kansas,
Department of Records.

Yes, hi. Michael Jones.
I'm with the EEOC in Washington.

I've got a possible name change
I wanted to run by you guys.

I'm looking for an Oliver Lang.
He's out of Carson, Kansas.

Hold on, sir.
Sir, I'm afraid I've got
nothing on any name change...

for an Oliver Lang
of Carson, Kansas.

Okay, just doin' my job.
Thank you.

Sir? Our records indicate
Oliver Lang deceased...

as of October 4, 1981.
- October 4?
- Yes, sir.

What does
the death certificate say?

Cause of death is listed
as gunshot, hunting accident.

You had said you were calling
with whom in Washington?

Thank you.
Just run through this scenario with me.
why would someone do that?

Do what? Change his name to the name
of a person who died the day before?

Yeah. Someone the same age
from the same hometown.

Why? Would it be to take over
that person's life?

No, that wouldn't work.
When you die, the death certificate
goes both state and federal.

Driver's licenses, Social Security
numbers, they're voided.

-Can't do it to hide the person you are.
-Then why would you do it?

You'd do it to hide
the person you were.

Say you wanted to find out...
a criminal record for your guy
prior to the name change.

- Unless you're a real professional--
- You'd check on the name he has now--

And the records you'd find back then
would be for somebody else entirely.

That's the significance of making
the change right after a person's death.

- No overlap.
- It gives you a whole new history.