Arlington Road

Yeah, I was on the phone...
and the picture was falling--
crooked-- so I--

Yeah, the locksmith guy's comin'.
Good. Did you want to wait here?
I'm just back from the store.

No thanks.
I got a call from Brady today.
He and Grant are having
a wonderful time.

He went on and on about what kind
of bugs they're catching.

I don't know if there's
any kind of badge for that.

Can I offer you something?
No, I've got a--
I should really get back. There's
some papers I can grade while I wait.

But thank you for the call.
Thank you, girls.
Our house is your house.
Just a sec.
You forgot your case.

And your phone.
Need to recharge my batteries.
I know the feeling.
- Hey, what are you doing?
- Pretending to wait for a locksmith.

- Right.
- Pretended to be locked out.

Why was that again?

I'll explain it to you.
Can we pretend
to have dinner first?