Arlington Road

Hey, Oliver.
I was in the city on a project. Went by
your office. They said check here.

- Got some research goin'?
- Yeah, the '70s--

- Is that The Kansas City Star?
- Yeah.

- That's the paper I read growin' up.
- It's for a lecture course.

I got a class...
that deals with extremist groups.
You know, American history.
Background on state militias.

There's one in Kansas.
Seems they got one everywhere.
Jeez, I didn't know you taught
a course in terrorism.

- That a pretty frightening subject.
- Yeah.

- You got time for a drink?
- No, today's not good.

Yeah, I hear ya.
I got a building contract...

that's kickin' my butt
tryin' to put it together.

Get back to work.
Sorry to drop by.
Catch you back at the ranch.

Good to see you.
Will you just hear me out?
Hear what I'm saying?

The guy changed his name, Brooke.

To help hide his background.
Why? Because there's something in it.

Yeah, something that's
not your business.

When he was 16 years old,
he tried to blow up some offices.

Read the paper! A government agency
that was cheating his father's farm.

He served time
in a juvenile program.

Pipe bomb as a kid.
Why would you
go to these lengths...

to hide that part of your history
if it wasn't an isolated event?

If you thought you might
try it again someday?

It says it didn't even go off.
He was a kid.

Brady practically killed himself
with a bunch of fireworks in March.

Come on ! Where do you think
Brady gets an idea like that?