Baby Geniuses

You fool. Dr Heep is watching.
Don't mess with the Sly man, Heepster.
We're back!
Where is he?
Carrie? Whit?
The kids aren't here.
Wait a minute. Hello?
Whit? ls that you?
What's this mess? Look at this water.
No fraternizing with the help!
Carrie, look at you.
You are soaking wet.

You are soaking wet. And look at Whit.
You know what? You two go for a swim...
and Uncle Lenny and I
are gonna have a little talk, okay?

This water here on the floor.
Is it dangerous?

Please. The power's out, anyway.
The power's out?
Great. Where's Dickie?
I don't know.
Nice 'do, Dickie.
You look like Mount Pepto-Bismol
just erupted.

Pink is cosmic, all right?
For the last time, my name ain't Dickie.
It's lce Pick.
Would you people get that straight?

Ice Pick...
l love the creativity and imagination
that you've displayed here...

but no matter how outrageous
you act or you dress...

l'm not gonna fire you.
So give it a rest.

Love you, pal. Grab a mop.
He could use that pink one
he's got on his head.

Don't worry. He's just acting out.
We'll bring him around.

Can you tell me why
we're doing this again?

I promised Dan's brother we'd get him
through one job without getting canned.