Better Than Chocolate

Oh...l brought her these
as a housewarming gift.

Well, for all of you, really.
Well, how lovely.
- l'm Lila, l'm Maggie's mother.
- Nice to meet you.

- And you're...?
- Judy. Maggie's friend Judy.

Just think of me
as the Welcome Wagon.

Well, welcome.
- Would you like to come in?
- Yes, thank you.

My, it's quite a climb, isn't it?
l almost got an aneurism.
And here...
and here.

- Lovely, thank you.
- And cheers.

- Cheers.
- Welcome.

You know, l just love that shirt.
Thank you.
l do my best with my limitations.

lt's so hard to find nice things
to wear when you're my size.

Oh, you should be proud of your size.
So strong and so striking.

l think the word you're
looking for is ''enormous.''

- Exotic.
- Thank you.

You know, l just wish Maggie
had some of your sense of style.

Oh, no, Lila.
Maggie's...Maggie's lovely.

- She's very clever, you know.
- Yes. Yes, she is.

But, what is going on
with her these days?

You'd have to ask her that, Lila.
So, there is something going on?
Oh, well, she's nineteen.
There's always something going on
when you're nineteen.

More wine?
Did you ever wake up one morning...
and feel that everything
in your life was wrong?

Because l woke up
one morning last month, and...

and l know this sounds silly
because, you know housewives,

excuse me, ''homemakers,''
as we're now called,

aren't supposed to have
existential crises.

l think homemakers have
existential crises all the time.