Blast from the Past

I’m gonna need two more
banana splits and a Cherry Coke.

You bet, Mom. Comin' up.
Oh, by the way, Mom,
thanks for the job.

Buck fifteen an hour.
Your husband is crazy.
All right. What's the big news?
Oh, you're a riot.
Oh, what a riot you are!
Watch this.
You're funny!
You're a real riot.
They're comin' now
to put you on the stage.

There's been complaints
about me on the bus.

He's sending me
to the company psychiatrist.

Yeah, a psychiatrist,
and that means I’m crazy.

Oh, don't be silly, Ralph.
Sending you to a psychiatrist
doesn't mean you're crazy.

Stick it. That's right.
Hook off the jab.
That's right.
Excuse me, boys, but I believe
it's my turn now.

Four, five.
Five, six.
And six, spin.
May I cut in?
You certainly may.
Thank you, son.