Blue Streak

Back up!
Get SWAT up here! Sharpshooters
can take him off from the roof.

No sharpshooters.
Why the hell not?
What are you doing here, man?
-Who's he talking to?
-l don't know.

He high, man. He's hallucinating.
Smoking that shit!

He's high.
Put down the gun and come out!
Hold this. Hold on. I'm going in.
What are you doing?
What are you, crazy?
Miles, what are you doing here?
l just wanna talk to you
before somebody gets hurt!

Please put down the gun!
-Son, come on.
-Shut up!

lt hurts my heart...
:47:58 see a kid that has
so much potential.

-You're smarter than that.
-I'm coming out!

Listen. All right, now, goddamn it!
What are you doing?

What are you doing?
You got me out here in this shit.

How many times l told you...
...forget the safe? Go straight for
the cash drawer. Get in and get out.

He's in the way.
Now l can't even get a shot.

l can't either.
Why are you hitting
mom-and-pop stores anyway?

Look, you're a driver, man.
You got skills. You can be out there
on the road, man, doing your shit.

I'm desperate! l need some money!
And why the freak are we whispering?

Back up, nigger! l saw you!
-What are they talking about?
-l don't know.

I'm working on something here,
and you're blowing it for me, man!