Bor lei jun

Busses don't go here and the authorities
check out ID. You want a lift?

That's okay. Just tell me where I am,
and I'll walk back myself.

No one lives around here.
We're in the middle of nowhere, Miss...

- My name is Bu.
- Boob?

- All right, just get in.
- Okay.

Wait, not you.
I was talking to her.

- I've noticed there's only two seats.
- Yes, here's 20 bucks.

Walk straight ahead till you see a taxi,
or bum a ride on a boat, like I did.

Come in.
- You live here all alone?
- There's a butler.

- You're kidding. Must get real crowded.
- Have a seat.

- Can I look around?
- Yes, sure.

I'm hungry.
Oh, I'm so hungry.