I said, "Afrim, if you can write
as well as you can add...."

I didn't have to finish my sentence.
Twelve days later
he hands me this masterpiece.

Thank you, Boss.
Tell them the title.
Chubby Rain.
Chubby Rain. Tell them why.
-The aliens come to Earth in raindrops.

Making the raindrops chubby.
Aliens in the raindrops.
At the end of this movie...

...when our hero, Keith Kincaid,
looks up at the alien antenna and says:

"Gotcha, suckers!"
I mean, that is a moment.
I don't know.
I'll close the deal today.
If I don't, you can go anywhere you want.

Come here.
See that FedEx truck?
Every day, it delivers important papers
to people around the world.

And one day, it is going to stop here...
...a man is going to walk up and casually
toss a couple of FedExes on my desk.

And at that moment, we...
...and by "we" I mean "me,"
will be important.

Now, today...
...l have a very important meeting
with Jerry Renfro.

If it goes the way I think it's gonna go,
I will see you at the Oscars.