Could you seat me next to Jerry Renfro?
Thank you.

Tony, how are you?
No. Say the deal back to me.
Net net?
If I'm putting $85 million
into an avalanche movie...

...l gotta know where the snow is.
And it better be Aspen.

And what asshole will direct.
We gotta get a director. Get me a list.
-The star has to be international.
-I need an international star.

-Who's my star?
-How about Kit Ramsey?

Kit Ramsey is the hottest,
sexiest action star in the world.

When I think of Kit Ramsey in this movie,
I get very comfortable.

Yeah, but I won't bid
against Flanehfastah...

...because even if Kit Ramsey's interested,
we might not want him.

Can you believe this? Now they try
to tell us who's gonna be in our movies.

Get me Kit. Get me Kit right now.
You don't put me on hold,
I put you on hold.

Put me on hold and you're a dead man.
How are you? Bobby Bowfinger,
Bowfinger Films.

-We worked on that thing years ago.
-What thing?

The...famous movie.
Hi, Kit. How are you?
My man! How's Dolores?
Good. You are first in line for the script.
-You can't be more first than first.
-Can I talk to him?

-Can I talk to Kit?
-Absolutely. Kit?