Does that take more than a week?
I gave myself one week.

-That's this office.
-We'll take a chance, see if you have "it."

See if you have a special quality.
See if you have the illusion
of the first time.

Where do I pay? It's $25, right?
-A check?
-I have ID.

Maybe a less solid movie company
could take a check, but we only take cash.

But I don't have any cash on me.
I have cash, but just not on me,
and the banks aren't open.

There, there, there.
There's the door.
We can't let you audition.

-But I drove in from Ohio and--
-I'm sorry.

-I'm sorry.

There you are. Goodbye.
She looked pretty good, like she could act.
Yeah, but if they don't pay to audition,
it could be dangerous.

If she gets the part.
She might want to be paid.

Maybe she had "it"!
I didn't make the system.
The system is bigger--

All right. If you want
the responsibility, fine.

I talked it over with the man.
Says he'll take a check.

-He will?

-He listens to you?

"l could never be with you, Todd.
"l'm loyal to Keith. I'm loyal to him.
"l could never, never kiss you."