Okay, that was very good.
Let's try it one more time.

Slater, this time without the erection.
Thank you, Mr. Bowfinger! Thank you!
We gotta get a crew.
The best damn crew we can afford.

√Āndale, muchachos!
In here. In here.
Come on. In here.
Welcome to America.
I'm so happy to meet you.
This is gonna be great.

I can tell you know what you're doing....
Thanks for making the trip.
Glad to have you aboard.

Guess what? We just closed Kit's deal.
Typical deal. Points. Name over the title.
-We get only one take with Kit.
-One take?

-He doesn't want to see the camera.
-How come?

It's his way of working.
He's so into his character, that if he sees
the camera, it breaks his concentration.

-When do we start?
-We start tomorrow at 7:00 a.m.

What is it?
I wish you could see what I see.
What do you see, Boss?
The most promising group of young
professionals I've ever worked with.