Kit and his agent will be
at the Rodeo Grille tomorrow at 12:45 p.m.

Are we gonna be there?
Better believe it. You're a genius.
Can you see over there?
-What do you see? Can you see Kit?

Am I trying for you or not trying?
You're trying,
but I want at least the same....

I know I ain't gonna be treated like
Mighty Whitey in this town.

I put in 25 years in the theater
before coming to Hollywood.

We're almost ready.
I still don't see why I can't meet the man
I'm going to be working with.

He wants to impress you with his acting,
and he needs his total concentration.

-That's just young!
-I know.

I wish once I could work with someone
who had honed their craft.

-But right now we need that scene.
-You'll get your scene.

He may not be a professional, but I am.
White boys get all the Oscars. It's a fact.
-We know that, but--
-Did I get a nomination?

No. 'Cause I ain't played none
of them slave roles.

That's when you get nominated.
Black dude plays a slave role,
gets nominated.

White boy plays an idiot, gets the Oscar.
Find me a script as a retarded slave,
then I get the Oscar.

I'm gonna schmooze. I'll be right back.
Go find that script.
Buck, the Wonder Slave.
Here we go.