I love you.
I'll never use you.
I will never abuse your trust.
Thank you, Daisy.
Not at all, not at all.
Are we almost ready?
Are you seeing the fireplace?
We should light the fireplace.
Is this a good mark?
Daisy, my sweetness.
Hi, how are you?
-Are you okay?

-Do you want to relax first or shoot?

You have such a good work ethic.
I so admire that.

Here's your mark, it's a little small.
Will you be okay--

All right, yeah.
We have a very important scene.
This is one of the hot scenes
that is about heat and...

So it's the artistic portion of the film.
Right, so give her a little room,
react normally, be sensitive above all...

...because in this scene
Daisy's gonna take off her blouse.

All right. There's your mark.
The scene is, you're not sure
if you still love Keith...

...but you offer yourself to him
in order to save the planet.

Right up here. We're starting here.
Pan up. And roll sound.