What's going on with him?
The alien arrival scene is next
and Kit hasn't called in.

Someone must know where he is.
I know where Kit Ramsey's going
to be this afternoon.

You do?
At 4:00 he's going to be
at Max's clothing store for a photo.

Every day I get an offer on this thing.
It's the only one in L.A.

-It's a beauty.
-Not a scratch. An award-winner.

-Sold three cars to get this.
-You have a great eye for cars.

My wife tried to take it in the divorce.
That would have really hurt.

-Who got the kids?
-She did.

Wait here a minute.
-Manager in?
-No, he's home today.

That's odd. We have a permit
to shoot here today.

Weird. We'll just start loading
in the equipment.

-You want me to call him?
-No, I'll call him from the cell phone.

There's a guy in there who's vacuuming.
Tell him you're from the studio.

-Who's in charge here?
-I am.

-Do you have a permit to film here today?