Buena Vista Social Club

The one thing I don't want
is to die. Not yet, anyway

That Man up there,
and my wife here...

...are making sure I'm still around
to enjoy myself

You know, some people
don't have much time left

As long as I have blood
in my veins...

...l'll go on loving women
Women, flowers and romance are
the most beautiful things in life

One night of romance...
that has no price

I haven't forgotten it,
and I'm 90 years old

I have five children
You met Salvador and Basilio.
Salvador is the youngest

I have five children. But now
I'm working on the sixth

I want to have one more
See you some other day
One day, out of the blue...
...there was a knock on my door
It was Juan de Marcos
I was shining my shoes at the time
He said "What are you doing?"

I said "l'm just shining my shoes"
He said "l've been looking for you.
Come with me"