Coyote Moon

- Way to go, Petey, man.
- We didn't think you had it in you.

Two shots in the head.
That's my littIe brother.

- Ain't no big deal.
- l wonder where that son of a bitch...

was from-- what planet.
Petey, what's that thing worth,
that .45?

- Four hundred, maybe more.
- All right. Run that over to Eli's.

Tell Lester if he don't give you
four and a half for it...

l'll shove it up his brother's
tight little ass.

l don't know.
They might enjoy that.

Hey, you guys, hurry it up.
I don't want to be late
and get Ramsey all riled up.

- Come on, Petey. You need the practice.
- Bullshit.

l'm every bit as good
at collecting as you are.

We'll see about that.
Hey, good morning, y'all.

lt's time to pass the plate.
l'm afraid we're a little short
this month.

Oh. Count it. And I'm afraid y'alI are
gonna have a serious problem then.

Yeah, like a goddamn broken arm.
You can't take
the Lord's name in vain, sonny.

Sorry, ma'am.
Look, Mrs. Howard, l don't want Petey
to get any more upset than he is...

and end up breaking both of his arms.
Oh, no.
Not that, Henry.

Well, looky here. lt's a miracle.

- You all take it easy now.
- Have a nice day, ma'am.

- Why did you do that?
- Oh, by the way.

Saturday night l got this date
with this cute little sinner.

CouId l get some clean sheets
this time?

- l gotta lie down.
- Lord, Lord, oh, Lord.

That was the reverend's money.